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About is your true home for websites.
Our top-rated human support 24/7/365 and state-of-the-art equipment bring you baby-level calmness in terms of hosting.
Website Owners and Programmers Our clients are both complete novices in hosting and strong technical professionals. All of them want to delegate all the hosting-related tasks to a proven partner. They want to be sure that if they need technical help or have a question — they get a solution quickly.
Agencies and Web Studios We are agency friendly. The most common reason why agencies, website developers, and outsourcing companies trust us the host their clients' projects — is that those agencies want to avoid any hosting problems and don't want to be responsible for these issues. If you host or manage the hosting of your clients' projects try and forget about it. This is on us. We take your back.
State of the Art Technical Support This is our superpower. We brought this principle through years of work. We designed our processes, team, and technical infrastructure with a single goal and mission: to be such a hosting partner that clients don't recall us until they have a new task. And we are happy if they forget us right after we meet the goal.
Easy to use Enjoy 1-click installation for WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, OpenCart, and other popular CMS and services. Install SSL in a single click.
Choose between VPS plans with top customer support and fully managed plans where our engineers do ALL hosting-related tasks for you. Delegate all your hosting issues to us and focus on making money while doing your main job.
Team and Infrastructure Engineering team with 18+ years of experience on the board, our data centers in Estonia, Germany, and the United States. Industry-recognized equipment AMD EPYC™, NVMe drives, Intel® Xeon™. Certified equipment, certified software, and certified staff.
Home for Your Websites and Projects Most of our new customers come to us after programmers or technical specialists suggested Why? Because programmers want to choose reliable hosting with technical support that solves any tasks quickly and competently. They have seen some stuff. You have an option to install a free control panel with our VPS servers, not paying any monthly fees.
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