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Human Support 24/7
Our skilled technicians are always there. If you or your developers need assistance — you will get it. On weekends, holidays or at 3 am
Technical Experts Online
We hire strong technicians and share knowledge across the team. Heavy-lifting engineers are always online
Fast installation
Your VPS is ready in 2 minutes. Not 2 hours
Restore your data in case of mistake. Enjoy automatic backups for VPS. Don't hustle with organizing your backups by yourself. Keep your data safe
Own server-monitoring system. We notify about any issues or problems that your server is experiencing. We also assist with fixing
Hardware Disk Monitoring
Server disks work under massive strain. We replace them for free for your dedicated servers
Software updates
Always actual PHP, OS versions and more. Use the latest up-to-date software in your projects. Avoid security issues with outdated software
We will refund all unused days if you change your mind. No questions asked
Easy-to-use FASTPANEL
Award-winning panel at your service. Manage your servers easily. Friendly to novices. Handy for experienced users
State-of-art Equipment
Enterprise-level hardware managed by professionals. Certified equipment. Intel and AMD processors, fast RAM
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